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Bolero Fire Grill

Address: 6920 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2H  Website: bolerocalgary.ca Cuisine: 18
Contact Person: Greg Pearson | Phone: (403) 259-3119

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Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue

Address: 5920 Macleod Trl SW, Calgary, AB T2H  Website: brazilianbbq.ca Cuisine: 18
Contact Person: Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue | Phone: (403) 454-9119

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Winter Carnival

Date: 18-Feb 2013 Organised By: 2013 Fort Calgary Events
Contact Person: Winter Carnival | Phone: 403-290-1875

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Mountie Day

Date: 20-May 2013 Organised By: fortcalgary
Contact Person: Mountie Day | Phone: 403-290-1875

Night Life
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Emmanuel Jal - Celebrate Black History Month

Date: 28-Feb 2013 Time: 11:29 am Event Type: Live Music Venue
Contact Person: Emmanuel Jal - Celebrate Black History Month | Phone: (403) 234 9110

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Opening gala Afrikadey!

Date: 05-Aug 2013 Time: 11:29 am Event Type: Adult Entertainment
Contact Person: Afrikadey | Phone: 403.234.9110

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