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Ulla Restaurant

Address: 509 Fisgard St, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Downtown) Website: Cuisine:
Contact Person: Ulla Restaurant | Phone: 250-590-8795

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Red Fish, Blue Fish

Address: 1006 Wharf St Victoria, BC V8W  Website: Cuisine: Seafood
Contact Person: Red Fish, Blue Fish | Phone: (250) 298-6877

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Address: 735 Yates St Victoria, BC V8W3S2  Website: Cuisine: Vegetarian
Contact Person: Hernande'z | Phone: (250) 884-5313

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Il Terrazzo

Address: 555 Johnson St Victoria, BC  Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Il Terrazzo | Phone: (250) 361-0028

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Brasserie L'ecole

Address: 1715 Government St, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1Z4, Canada (Downtown) Website: Cuisine: French
Contact Person: Brasserie L'ecole | Phone: 250-475-6260

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IL Terrazzo

Address: 555 Johnson Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1M2, Canada (Downtown) Website: Cuisine: Italian
Contact Person: IL Terrazzo | Phone: 250-361-0028

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Blue Fox

Address: 919 Fort St Victoria, BC V8V3K2  Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Blue Fox | Phone: (250) 380-1683

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Rebar Modern Food

Address: 50 Bastion Sq Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Rebar Modern Food | Phone: (250) 361-9223

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Brasserie "L'école"

Address: 1715 Government St Victoria, BC V8W1R4 Website: Cuisine: French
Contact Person: Brasserie "L'école" | Phone: (250) 475-6260

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Address: 1011 Broad St Victoria, BC V8W2A1 Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Pagliacci's | Phone: (250) 386-1662

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Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Address: 911 Yates St Victoria, BC V8V3M3 Website: Cuisine: Vegetarian
Contact Person: Bin 4 Burger Lounge | Phone: (250) 590-4154

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Ferris' Oyster Bar & Grill

Address: 536 Yates St Victoria, BC V8W2Z6 Website: Cuisine: Seafood
Contact Person: Ferris' Oyster Bar & Grill | Phone: (250) 360-1824

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Sizzling Tandoor Restaurant

Address: 637 Johnson St Victoria, BC V8W2B2  Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Sizzling Tandoor Restaurant | Phone: (250) 388-5450

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Skinnytato Polish Restaurant

Address: 615 Johnson St Victoria, BC V8W1M5  Website: Cuisine: Global/International
Contact Person: Skinnytato Polish Restaurant | Phone: (250) 590-6550

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Address: 762 Broughton  Website: Cuisine: Global/International
Contact Person: Devour | Phone: (250) 590-3231

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Japanese Village

Address: 734 Broughton St Victoria, BC V8W  Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Japanese Village | Phone: (250) 382-5165

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Ulla Restaurant

Address: 509 Fisgard St Victoria, BC V8W  Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Ulla Restaurant | Phone: (250) 590-8795

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Lotus Pond

Address: 617 Johnson St Victoria, BC V8W3C6  Website: Cuisine: Fusion
Contact Person: Lotus Pond | Phone: (250) 380-9293

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Address: 45 Bastion Sq Victoria, BC V8W Website: Cuisine: Global/International
Contact Person: Camille's | Phone: (250) 381-3433

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Amuse Bistro On The Vineyard

Address: 2915 Cameron Taggart Rd Cowichan Valley B, BC V0R2P2 Website: Cuisine: French
Contact Person: Amuse Bistro On The Vineyard | Phone: (250) 743-3667

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